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aims to be a simple, elegant tool
for writing a novel and exporting it to ebook format


Autosave to selected directory/folder

Ebook export tool
(export to EPUB, MOBI and IBOOK format)

Ebook preview panel
(see how your ebook looks and edit it live)

Built-in dictionary/thesaurus

Notes panel
(add notes throughout your work)

Tabbed notes
(divide your work into Projects and Chapters)

Available for Windows only
(and hopefully for Mac later on)

FREE to use
(*donate to remove startup popup
& export signature*)

Winkle is free to use, with no restrictions on its features.

To maintain and update the app with new, improved features and create a Mac
version, the free version of the app will include:

1) A donate popup that opens each time you launch the app, but can be closed with one click
2) A signature added to the very last page of any exported ebooks consisting of one line: “Created
using the Winkle app | Get it free at”

If you support my app and donate a minimum of $5, you will receive a registration key which
will deactivate the popup and signature. Plus, you will receive free updates in the future! But,
you do not have to donate anything to use all the features of Winkle.

Planned Features

I want to add certain features to Winkle over time without cluttering it up. Here is a list of possibilities that I think I might want to add (but please keep in mind that this list is subject to change at any time and I may not add any of them, depending on feedback/voting from users):

Winkle notes

Winkle Notes will be a standalone mobile app for Android/iOS that will enable you to either sync all notes with the desktop version of Winkle, use it as a standalone app or both! Continuing the tradition of the desktop writing app, Winkle Notes will present a clutter-free, minimal interface, but with powerful features to rival other note-taking apps. FREE and PREMIUM plans will be available at launch!

Please SHARE and spread the word! Thank you!

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